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The realm of Spirit is not far away or distant from us. The calm, loving, healing presence of Spirit is our birthright, always readily available. However, many of us have forgotten how to access it. As a lifelong Spiritual Intuitive and Medium, Jillian Stuart acts as a bridge between the world of Spirit and the world of physical. With Jillian's assistance you will be reminded of your own gifts and abilities and connect directly with true self and your own intuition. The recognition of your life issues and their resolution will increase dramatically. You will realize you are never alone and separate, but have many in Spirit who rejoice in helping you join with true self, love, and personal empowerment.

We all innately desire a deeper connection with ourselves and others. We all have a purpose we desire to fullfill and we all face challenges and blocks to our peace and well-being. Often, we feel alone, overwhelmed and confused. With personal and profound understanding of these challenges it is Jillian's heartfelt desire to be of assistance to those who seek greater understanding of our place in this physical life as well as to offer renewed hope, purpose and direction.

Jillian is the author of the book, Choosing Light,The Heroic Journey


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