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All love songs are songs of heaven. Every one has a love song to sing on earth. One comes here to discover their love song and sing it loudly... a heavenly choir on earth, each with a voice in the harmony of its creator. If one seeks peace, it must come from being in harmony with the One. If one seeks purpose and reason, it can only come from the joy of expressing their own unique vision, known only to them and the creator. If one accepts one's own true reason for being, one must also accept all other ones reasons for being. All else becomes the glorification of the false self, the self that will fall away when one's time in the physical has ended.
What do you want to carry with you through eternity? What will hold you up when all else fails? It can only be love... of self and 'other.' Only love stays when all else falls away. How will you sing your song? Always we will guide you. Ask for heaven's help and join hands with that which is all powerful in bringing forth your most true purpose in the physical... the creating of heaven on earth! We are ever with you and ever committed to this vision of widespread love and harmony. — Choosing Light
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