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I would describe myself as an 'open-minded skeptic' regarding all things psychic. But Jillian makes a believer of me every time. I've found her reading to be creatively insightful, intuitive and incisive. I find that after a reading from Jillian, I know so much more about my life and it's direction, as well as how I fit into that general scheme. I am grateful to have met someone so gifted and to be able to turn to her when I find I need help in deciphering the ins and outs of life. — Shelley

I have known Jillian and her work for many years and have enjoyed seeing her for an annual reading.
It has always been a helpful, positive, energizing, and enlightening experience for me. Jillian’s gifts are truly amazing and inspiring. She is able to open pathways to deeper dimensions where I’ve received incredibly helpful insights into my life’s issues, meaning and purpose. Most of all I’ve learned we are neither powerless nor alone. There is much help on many levels always readily available. Through Jillian I’ve been able to discover and access a level of help that has made a profound difference in my life- confirming, encouraging and guiding me on the path. I see Jillian and her work as opening doorways for people that are essential to growth, healing and self-realization. — Dr. Mark 

I was the fortunate recipient of my very first spiritual reading from my dear friend, Jillan Danan Stuart. We have had a close connection for a decade and a half. Jillian has enlightened me with many wonderful insights and higher level thinking skills over the years. She has always fascinated and interested me with her psychic abilities and natural intuition. I have been drawn to her work and felt comfortable with her on this most personal level. She is warm and genuine and brings out the best in a person. The reading helped me get in touch with myself and help direct me to a path I have been desiring. I felt a deep shift and motivation from the reading, a spiritual uplifting and clarity not felt before. I recommend this experience for anyone looking to get in touch with themselves as she truly is able to “see” what is sometimes hidden from an individual’s own consciousness. Treat Yourself to a reading from Jill. You will be happy you did! — Namaste, Cindy 


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